Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Common Sights in Dalain

These are everywhere. They sell them on the street and they are in many Chinese dishes that we eat. They are a type of fruit.
Cute Asian babies are a very nice sight to see while walking down the street. My sister would be in heaven!

The Chinese New Year is coming up and these items are hanging in all the stores to be bought for New Year parties. Mask around the mouth are a very common sight as well.

Fresh fruit is wonderful here! It is sold on almost every street corner. They are much sweeter then in America. The juices here are something I wish we had back home. Very good!

Walking hand and hand. Whether you are walking with another women or man...many people walk holding hands. Even the men.

There are no dryers for clothes. They are very scarce. Everywhere you turn, there are clothes hanging out to dry.

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G-ma said...

wow!!! it's a whole different wrld there!!